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Mandatory Paternity Testing

Mandatory Paternity Testing: 3 Best Situations It Should Be Should DNA Paternity testing be mandatory? If you’re asking me, Yes! I believe it is important for everyone to know their

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the history of child support

The History of Child Support

BUY BOOK History of Child Support Video Transcript The foundations for the modern era of child support were laid in 1975 with legislation signed by President Gerald Ford himself

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Paternity test meaning

Paternity test meaning A paternity test is a DNA test that helps determine whether an alleged father is the biologically related to a child. This type of DNA test can

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11 Reasons for Passport Denial

Your Not The Father 11 Reasons for Passport Denial Passport Photos – Not following the passport agency’s exact photo specification of 2” x 2” Child Support – Delinquent child support payments can

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