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DNA Dating

As we all are well aware that our society is constantly evolving. This evolution happens in all facets of life, including how people date. Currently, in the U.S. there has been a rising interest of people wanting to know more about themselves and their family history. Hence, the popularity of Ancestry Testing.

Now, there is another type of DNA test that has thrown its hat into the ring, which alleges they have developed a DNA profiling technology that will allow two people to compare their DNA to see if they are biologically compatible. This is known as DNA Dating. In a recent article published by the NY Daily News. The article goes into greater detail about the newly founded company that will open its doors just in time for valentine’s day.

What is the purpose of writing this post?

First and foremost, I was sent an article from one of my subscribers which asked my thoughts about this new form of dating. So I decided to write an article to share my thoughts. What I hope to accomplish with this post is to at the minimum make you aware of this service exist. Second, if you came across this service I wanted to make sure that you understand the potential pitfalls of services that offer DNA Dating.

The first thing you should consider is, Are there any advantages to having compatible genes? Does this type of test analyze genetic diseases? another question that you may need to ask is if you are interested in this service is, how in-depth is the analyzation? What is the criteria?

Special note: I did not mention the name of the new DNA service directly because I am not endorsing the company. Instead, I have referred you to the newspaper that wrote the article. Also, the new DNA Dating services will be released as an app on iPhone.

Now, I did read somewhere that the companies that offer this service have identified 11 genes that are responsible for pheromones. I am not exactly sure how pheromones would determine genetic compatibility. My understanding of pheromones is, it is a chemical compound that can be excreted and secreted by the body. This chemical has the ability to trigger responses to a person of the same species. The most notable response associated with pheromones is an attraction. This chemical is said to be transmitted by air and bodily fluid. Something else to keep in mind is this, researchers at the Smithsonian stated, “nobody has been able to find the exact chemicals that cue people about anxiety, mating compatibility or breast milk. This may be because researchers have traditionally analyzed aromatics from armpits. The fact is, any bodily fluid could potentially harbor pheromones, which is why Sobel studied tears of sadness. And who knows what signals are lurking in tears of joy?”

The key part of this quote for myself was that nobody was able to find the exact mating compatibility. So, if what the Smithsonian is saying is true. Then this new service may be nothing more than a novelty. I also took the liberty of asking a geneticist his thoughts about DNA Dating. His response was, he did not know anything like this existed and he had a similar sensibility to myself which is this appears to be a novelty service.

What I will say is, Even if your genes were allegedly comparable. The one and most important aspect this test does not address is chemistry and recent lifestyle of the dating couple. Remember, environment and lifestyle would be very difficult to interpret for compatibility through a microscope alone.

Nonetheless, I would implore those of you who are interested in DNA Dating concept to be mindful of the possible concerns I mentioned in this post as well as this equally important point. How will your DNA be used? This is a whole different can of worms. The reason you should be concerned is many Ancestry DNA companies are said to not have been as forthright with how they have handled their customers DNA samples.

In fairness, the company that was featured in the NY Daily News article I believed stated they destroy their DNA samples after use. I still believe you want to contact the company directly if this is something you would like to try and have given you some form of written literature confirming this practice of destroying your sample. Or, maybe you can ask the company to release your DNA sample back you. Nonetheless, just make sure you read the literature and ask as many questions before getting involved with this type of DNA profiling test.

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