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How To Establish Paternity? Top 4 Ways

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When it comes to establishing paternity. There only four ways that this could be accomplished regardless of the state in which you live. Below I detail the four ways alleged fathers can establish paternity.

  1.  Marriage – When a child a born within a marriage the state automatically deems the husband the legal father of the child. Please note, a legal father is not to be confused with a biological father.
  2. Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) – If an alleged father signs an AOP form voluntarily. He automatically is deemed by the state as the legal father of the child.
  3. DNA Paternity Test – Another way to establish paternity is by voluntary DNA Testing or by a court-order DNA Test.
  4. Default Judgement – The last and final way to establish paternity is when an alleged father decides not appear and court. No shows for court dates will end on the plaintiff’s terms.

Establish paternity without DNA test?

Yes. An alleged father’s paternity can be determined without the biological father by way of his parents or siblings.

If you are establishing paternity to add the alleged father’s name on to a birth certificate then the above-described method may not be an option unless the child’s father is deceased. If you are currently in this situation please consult with a Family Law Attorney in your state for more clarity.

How long after a child is born can paternity be established?

A child’s paternity in many states can be established up to the age of 21. Please check your state paternity laws for your state’s age limits.

How to get a father to sign a birth certificate while incarcerated?

This process depending on the state in which you reside may take some time. From my experience over the years collecting DNA samples of inmates to determine paternity. The mother would have to first get permission for the prison to determine what are the requirements for mailing documents to the jail.

It also important to note, a prison can not force a man to sign an acknowledgment of paternity form against his will. Sign the acknowledgment of paternity form must be a voluntary act by the alleged father.

Depending on the state, it also may be required that a paternity test is performed first before the alleged father would be able to sign the acknowledgment of paternity.

What if the incarcerated alleged father refuses to sign the acknowledgment of paternity?

If the father refuses to sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity form your only recourse may be to have a judge adjudicate paternity. What this basically means is, When a legal parent in most instances the mother seeks assistance from the court to assist with the establishment of paternity for a child.

It is important that you remember that signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form is voluntary. There are no laws that require you to sign this form. If for any reason you do not completely understand the language of the form. Please seek out assistance with this matter. It could change your life drastically if you do not.

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