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False Child Support Claims

If you are interested in learning more about child support fraud, then this video will benefit you. There are different ways to accomplish child support fraud through filing a false claim. There are many people who claim children on their taxes each year, although the child has never resided with them. It is important to note, a child has to reside with the custodial parent or legal guardian for a minimum of 6 months. There are people who are putting pets names, nieces, nephews and others when they file a child support claim, just to receive the extra funding. But what is child support fraud and what are the legal ramifications of the crime?

fraudulent child support claim

What is Child Support Fraud?

In most states, child support is based on the parents’ income and the child or children’s financial needs. When a non-custodial parent who is paying child support purposely places incorrect income amounts when submitting evidence to the court

The non-custodial parent’s decision then becomes child support fraud. As the information from the non-custodial parent is incorrect. Which then leads to lower child support payment costs.

Another form of child support fraud is when the custodial parent places an incorrect income or financial needs for the child as well. The incorrect amount will lead to adjustments made by the court that will not accurately determine what the custodial parent should receive for the finances of the child.

All of these offenses are punishable by law with years in jail. And according to each state, filing a false child support claim will allow substantial adjustments to the child support payments or receipt for both the custodial or non-custodial parent, based on where the error is found. In some cases, once the court adjusts the child support payments, one or, both parents may be held responsible for paying back money spent due to incorrect income and financial statements submitted to the court.

Can I go to jail for Child Support Fraud?

Yes. This will depend on the judge or magistrate. He or she may request you to pay a fine associated with the fraud committed in your case or If the judge or magistrate finds the guilty party in contempt. The guilty party may have to serve some time in jail.