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How To Get A DNA Test From Someone In Prison

dna test in jail

When it comes to having an inmate DNA tested. There are few things you should know in order to have an inmate tested for paternity.

1. The first step is to file a paternity petition with the court in order. Assuming the judge accepts your petition. The judge will issue a court order for a paternity test.

2. Contact the facility in which the inmate resides and speak with the human resource department head to find out the correctional facility’s protocol to have an inmates DNA sample collected on their premises. It is important that acquire the contact name at the correctional facility and their best contact phone number. Please note the prison will request a copy of the court order so be prepared to fax a copy of the court order.

3. Once you acquired the above information you can contact IDTO DNA Testing Center to inquire about our mobile DNA testing services. In particular in the New York and New Jersey areas.

It is important that you have your court order and the contact details of the correctional facility when contacting IDTO DNA Testing Center at 888-204-0583 today.

Do I need an attorney to coordinate a DNA test with a prison?

No, But if you already are paying for one, The attorney may be able to acquire the contact details from the jail you need to supply the DNA testing company a little quicker than yourself.

Can an inmate sign a birth certificate?

In order for an inmate or any non-married father to have his name on his child’s birth certificate. The father must sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form. The must be completed by both parents in its entirety.

If the father is incarcerated he must the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity form could be mailed to the correctional facility but, it is recommended that you contact the facility first to make sure you are in compliance with how mail is sent to the prison and how it can be mailed out from the prison. The protocol may vary from state to state. There may be a possiblity that you may have to go to prison or have an attorney go to the prison to have the father sign the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity.