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How To Get A Court Ordered Paternity Test

Paternity establishment is very important in the process for a child to properly receive the mental and financial support he or she needs for the proper care and development during their upbringing. Although, paternity establishment is automatically established for married couples. Unmarried couples have to go through a process to establish paternity. The acknowledgment of paternity form can be completed and signed at a hospital at the time of birth or with child services.

Often times due to some form of disagreement between an alleged father and mother of the child. A presumed father may not be initially present to establish paternity. The focus of this particular post is to share what the process of a court-ordered paternity test when a legal father has not been established regardless of the reason.

Getting A Court Ordered Paternity Test: A Brief Outline

  • Get the correct form to complete. There are various names of the forms that may vary from state to state. Here are the most common names of these forms: Petition To Establish Parental Relationship, A Petition To Adjudicate Parentage or, A Petition To Establish Paternity. Depending on your state’s website. This form may be found online, or you can visit your city’s county clerk’s office.
  • Once you find the petition form make sure you complete the form. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you return the form as instructed on the document.
  • Once a Judge or Magistrate receives your petition, they will decide on the validity of the petition filed. If accepted, the Judge will issue a court order to all parties involved.
  • The Judge will ask that paternity will need to be established, and a DNA test will need to be done.
  • After the paternity test is completed and the alleged father is confirmed as the biological father. The Judge will adjudicate parentage, which will allow for the father’s name to be added to the birth certificate.


This is a brief overview of what you may expect to go through when trying to establish paternity. The process is the same whether both parents are on speaking terms or not. Please note, the information shared in this post and on our site is for informational purposes only. It should not be looked upon as legal advice. It is always recommended that you at least speak with a legal professional in your state regarding Family Law issues as they pertain to your current situation.

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