The Importance of Paternity Tests For Men

Author and Men’s Activist Marc Rudov discusses the importance of Paternity Testing.

Video Transcript

dan Springer well my next guest says that these tests are great for unsuspecting men everywhere and will actually stop women from cashing in on their offspring well surprise surprise the man with that view is Marc Rudolph and lease will disagrees Marc you can’t actually believe this totally believe it women are untruthful they’re unfaithful and they’re unabashedly mercenary the guy no judicial system allows them to commit paternity fraud and that’s exactly what’s going on here as dan springer said you know they just did a study in New Hampshire they found 30% of men paying child support were not the biological fathers and a recent study in Australia of 6,000 DNA tests showed that 25% of the women were lying so this is an anti extortion kit that men need mark mark for every woman who is quote-unquote caught by one of these paternity tests there are about a thousand guys out there who’ve cheated on her and woman out there and you know what mark there isn’t a test you can tell with a guy it’s been cheating mark like you can on this I’m Michael Jordan gotta pee get some help I mean and look mark historically paternity tests have been used by women trying to corral guys you know in the court to say look you get this tested because you are the father and it’s the guy saying oh no no unless it’s the case of Anna Nicole Smith who you know everybody wanted to get it’s been part of that paternity test mark least that’s a red herring and it’s irrelevant and you know it the fact of the matter is the DNA test helps the man because the man wants to know that he’s not one of these defrauded guys and the fact of the matter is women are having you know 40% of children are being born out of wedlock today and they’re accusing men left and right you’re the father you’re the father if women don’t know who the father is that means that their slots nothing’s happening all right all right look mark you ask any unmarried single divorce woman is raising a child or more and she will tell you that the cost doctors dentists school everything that comes with a child is way outweighed by anything that a noncustodial parent would chip in the fact that you think they’ve met where the women are cashing in on kids is absolutely ridiculous single women out there have a hard time just even getting their kids through high school with the hope that maybe a few pennies will come in from dads who are reluctant to pay anything who could be dragged into court to take a paternity test mark Lisa I just you know I just believe in following the money – names come to mind Heather Mills and this Lauren Cleary who was on the talk show the other night moment of truth wait a minute you might like to know what herring not a red herring most women act like Heather Mills I told you this before it’s just a difference of scale what mark says is actually true most women marry up to rich men and get pregnant to get guaranteed child support and alimony it’s a win-win if you are a gold-digging cunt furthermore the legal system and divorce courts always take the women’s side that’s the reason look if women thought raising the child was so expensive then they would just forgo all child support you know that the reason they want reason they want to magnate because they want a child support no that makes they want to child support that’s why they do it if my wife would say if the courts would say if you’re an unwed mother no welfare no child support guess how many women would have babies out of wedlock zero oh it takes the first two to make a baby I don’t know you know you’ve probably never been in a pastor but it’s – and no and you can there’s no women out there they will say they’re going to have a baby we’re not talking about we’re not talking about we’re not talking about any kind of special alimony for when we’re talking about child support support for children that are right yeah again if unwed mothers would not get any child support they might have babies oh you are oh you go ran home again I don’t while you’re in the world of wind chimes and meadows and puppy dogs and sunflowers but you don’t come from a really great way make cement paternity fraud all the time I just read you statistics at the beginning of segments those are really testing another lot of women are lying none of those cats actually get into a courtroom where you have to have reasonable evidence there’s a reason for that mark because they don’t belong in a courtroom these tests it’s because the family courts looked down upon paternity tests there is a reason why some countries such as France and Germany have banned paternity testing according to the French government the ban on paternity tests exists due to the preservation of peace within French families French psychologists suggest that fatherhood have determined by society not by biology what a load of bullshit okay Ronald Reagan used to say trust but verify states should make a na testing Amanda you’re taking the time every baby born if you’re generating hairs you’ve got favorite problems we need to get real a source you have the first take gladly if you got if you’ve got issues about paternity test in a marriage you’ve got bigger problems in that paternity tend to forget that we know by market by market violated what’s up comes thanks for watching like this video and subscribe smash the Bell so you get future video notifications as always forever comes [Music] [Music]

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