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Acknowledgment of Paternity Explained

Video Transcript

According to the National Vital Statistics report from jun 15 2015 the percentage of all births to unmarried woman was forty point six percent in 2013 why is this number so high we’ll discuss this next on woman against maternity fraud out of wedlock birth rates has caused great concern among policymakers largely because high rates of births to unmarried parents are closely related to evaluate rates of child poverty and increased welfare discrepancy children who do not have a legal father also deprived of other benefits including the physiology security of knowing both parents the economic security of child support Social Security and veterans benefits potential health insurance coverage knowledge of medical history and social identity the paternity and knowledge meant program has the potential to increase the number of the legal paternity establishments for children born to unmarried parents the program was designed to achieve the following objectives 1 strengthen the voluntary acknowledgment a patity process that currently operates in all states to educate parents who are not married to each other about the importance of paternity acknowledgement for their children three for children to obtain the benefits of paternity establishment for the increasing numbers of children born to unmarried parents for to improve the self-sufficiency of unwed mothers and five to reduce welfare costs good intentions often have obtained consequences and while this program may have started with good intentions the in-hospital paternity knowledge meant programs were not designed to as providing protection to men and men must understand and acknowledge this in hospital paternity and knowledge meant can be a real benefit for parents and children but only if the program is well designed a program that fails to screen out false paternity bushman’s score a temporary statistical victory for the state but causes enormous financial burdens and emotional costs to the victims of false establishments hospitals do an exceedingly good job of making sure the right mother is connected to the right baby any visitor to a maternity ward will observe that footprints are taken identity bands are placed on mother and child nurses are staffed and guarded by 24-hour surveillance cameras just as technology exists to protect the mother equally dispositive technology DNA testing exists to protect men as well but no in hospital paternity and knowledge meant program is geared toward providing protection to men anyone familiar with in hospital paternity establishment programs knows that the programs are not geared towards verifying that the right man is identified as the father instead the programs are openly geared toward exploiting the emotional vulnerability of a man who has come to the hospital solely because he believes that it is his baby who is there the man’s presence in the hospital to be with his baby is called the magic moment and the child support bureaucracy openly exploits it as this is the best opportunity to get paternity annulment forms signed with no questions asked as explained by the united states department of health and human services the experience of the states indicates a father of a child born to unmarried mother is more likely to be present and to admit to paternity during the time surrounding the birth then later on we are not requiring genetic testing for all births as a means of preventing fraudulent and knowledge myths furthermore we are not requiring Hospital based programs to offer the option of genetic testing as part of the hospital based programs the man has come to the hospital solely because he has been led to believe that his baby is there he is proud excited trusting and he signs the paternity acknowledgement form without first demanding a conformity DNA test from that moment aksha paternity becomes irrelevant the paternity fraud victim is trapped what can we do to make this well-intended program better since the baby is already present at the hospital for less than a hundred dollars a DNA test could conclusively establish the identity of the baby’s father the baby needs that information for medical reasons including the possibility of inheriting defects and disease shouldn’t the state want the information to ensure that the child is as correctly matched to its father as to its mother the paternity fraud victim surely wants the information right away rather than at their years of doubt expense and litigation not to mention the heartbreak to all involved DNA testing should be an automatic in all births and should be a mandatory precondition to a valid paternity acknowledgement because courts are wildly inconsistent and greatly troubled by the perceived difficulties a paternity establishment the best situation is to get things right at the front end fewer false establishments will serve all interest the state has equal obligations to protect the interests of the real father as well as an interest in avoiding false establishment by naming the wrong man the state and all of us have an interest in assuring that each child has the information about that child’s real parents for both medical reasons and for the love and save ability that flow naturally with a biological bond but do not flow naturally between child and paternity fraud victims the temporary statistical advantages of getting the numbers up for federal incentive money does not justify the injury inflicted upon innocent people through false paternity establishment healthy families are the foundation of healthy communities and societies visit our website become a member help us to help return new fraud victims because paternity is important to you and to children

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a copy of an Acknowledgement of Paternity?

Normally, an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) form can filled out and completed at the time of birth at a hospital. In the event, an alleged father does not complete the AOP form at the hospital. The father/parent depending on the state may have up until the 21st birthday to complete the AOP form.

If for any reason you may require a certified copy of your Acknowledgment of Patrenity form. The recommended option is to contact your state’s Vital records department to inquire about their requirements and fees associated with the entire process.

Need more information Acknowledgment of Paternity as pertain to your state? Visit our page on AOP here