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Women Lying About Paternity

woman lying about paternity

Why do some women lie about paternity?

The answer to this question will vary from woman to woman who falls under this category but, the underlined intention is the same. The truth of the matter is women who intentionally accuse men of being the biological father of a child they know is not his own has everything to do with resources. In particular, Money!

Before I continue I would like to make the distinction between a woman who honestly is unsure about who the father is because she had multiple partners in the same time frame and she chooses the wrong man. Normally, its the last man she was intimate with who gets accused. Also, these females normally communicate the possibility of the child being the other man’s child. I have to say this, in my experience, this is done a few years after the birth of the child. Normally between the ages of 3-8 years of age. I suspect this happens when the child’s features begin to settle in and questions begin to arise. In my experience handling paternity testing cases with this circumstance. These females want to know who the biological father is. While the other type of female knows who the real father is but purposely chooses another man with more resources.

woman lying about paternity
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Are there any consequences for women lying about paternity intentionally?

The problem that the majority of men will face if they opted to attempt to sue a woman who falsely misattributed paternity to himself would be proving that the mother intentionally tried to deceive him. If a falsely accused man is able to prove that the mother deceived him. Then he may have a chance. Unfortunately, I am currently unaware of any major consequence holding a mother accountable for her deception.

The best case scenario if a falsely accused man has strong proof that a mother committed paternity fraud. He can attempt to sue for monies already spent toward’s child support through civil court. If that does not work, the falsely accused man can sue the biological father if he knows who he is and where to locate him.

I am aware of a few instances where either a stepfather and a man who was a victim of paternity fraud sued the biological fathers and won.

What if my wife lied about paternity, What are the consequences?

Unfortunately, At least from my experience. Unmarried men and married men share this similar fate. There is seldom consequences the mother of the child will face for her false attribution. What makes this circumstance more screwed up for husbands is, In America, Husbands by default are deemed the legal father of the child. As I understand it, In order for a husband to not be responsible for a child that was born into his marriage. The biological father, the husband and the mother have to all be in agreement in order to legally change the husband’s status as the legal father.  If would like to learn more paternity and the paternity process. Checkout my new e-book on Amazon called Are You? Or Are You Not The Father? The Complete How To Guide To The Paternity Testing Process.