You Are Not The Father

Are you currently in a relationship and your wife, fiancee or girlfriend created doubt in your mind about you being the biological father of a child? Or, Is your girlfriend about to give birth? And your relationship with her has been turbulent for some time. Questions about infidelity and jealousy come up in arguments frequently. Now she wants you at the hospital because she’s about to give birth to her child and you are not sure whether or not you should sign the Acknowledgement of Paternity at the hospital.

How about your family and friends constantly reminding you that your child does not look like anybody in your family, including yourself. Now you are filled with mixed emotions and uncertainty. All you want to do is knowing the truth so you can be an active participant in your alleged child’s life.

If you are currently dealing with the above scenarios or know someone who is in a similar situation. This book was created to help you take action and to answer the questions you need to know about paternity, child support, and relationships when you are dealing with disagreeable circumstances.

My name is Garth Harvey and welcome to my website for my new book— Are you? Or Are You Not My Father? I am a senior DNA Relationship Testing specialist dealing particularly with paternity cases.

While writing this book, my objective was to educate people about the paternity testing process and relationships before they face any situation related to DNA testing. The book covers and answers the most frequently asked questions about how the DNA testing process works, what it entails, its use, and the various related scenarios that people are unaware of. From the book’s introduction to the end, I have utilized simple, standard words that are understood by all, making it easily digestible.

Moreover, the book covers 10 insightful real-life DNA paternity testing stories that I haven’t spoken about before. Every case will allow the reader to view DNA paternity testing from a perspective of a DNA sample collector. Besides, you get an opportunity to discover the different circumstances that lead people to perform a DNA relationship test.


< This book is for any alleged father who needs to provide proof to Family Court Judge or Immigration Office.

<  This book is for any couple who have gone through the process of In-Vitro and is uncertain the process.

<  This book is for any parent who wants to help their underage or adult child who just had a child and is uncertain about paternity.

<  This book is for any alleged father who has doubts a child is biologically related to himself.

This E-Book addresses all of the above situations and much, much more regarding paternity and relationships in America.

About The Author

Garth A. Harvey is an established DNA relationship testing expert for a little over 13 years. Although he is involved with all areas of DNA relationship testing, Paternity testing has been the most requested form of DNA testing in America. Mr. Harvey has provided and consulted with a few hundreds of families worldwide.