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Your Not The Father website was created for the sole purpose of providing the latest and most up to date information regarding DNA paternity testing and paternity establishment. We do not provide legal advice so we always recommend that you seek  a family law attorney to learn more about your state laws.


Mandatory Paternity Testing

Mandatory Paternity Testing: 3 Best Situations It Should Be Should DNA Paternity testing be mandatory? If you’re asking me, Yes! I believe it is important for everyone to know their

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fraudulent child support claim

What is Child Support Fraud?

BUY BOOK CHILD SUPPORT FRAUD False Child Support Claims If you are interested in learning more about child support fraud, then this video will benefit you. There are different ways

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the history of child support
Child Support

The History of Child Support

BUY BOOK History of Child Support Video Transcript The foundations for the modern era of child support were laid in 1975 with legislation signed by President Gerald Ford himself

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About Us

The focus of this site is to share information regarding paternity testing related issues related to paternity establishment, child custody, child support, and immigration-related scenarios. All the information shared on this site is shared by the author of "Are You? or Are You Not The Father" and 16 plus year DNA Testing Consultant Garth A. Harvey