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Garth Harvey moved from a managerial position with the GANT USA  (retail) to become a DNA sample collector in 2003. The transition instigated the sense that he could make a significant impact by helping people to uncover the hard truth about their family construct.

Since then, Mr. Garth A. Harvey focused on expounding his knowledge in other closely related fields that require genetic testing. This included child support, immigration, forensic DNA testing, and in-vitro among others. The knowledge advancement has led him to enlighten his company’s clients to understand better the type of DNA they might need for their specific scenarios.

His skills have also allowed him to have high levels of communication with some of the most notable global relationship testing labs and industries. That has afforded Garth an opportunity to bridge the gap between what has always been considered as a complicated lab language with simple, standard terms understandable by all.

In late 2004, he was awarded an appreciation certificate from the Be Safe At Home Inc. & Inter American University (An Institutional Member of the United Nations). That came about from his contribution in raising funds for senior citizens in the US and children in orphanages in third world countries.

Moreover, Mr. Harvey earned a certificate in 2005 from Bode Technologies after a complete training in the fields of Understanding the Power of DNA Analysis for paternity, family law, and criminal law. A month later, he acquired another certificate as a certified professional collector training with DATIA (Drug & Alcohol testing industry association).

Mr. Harvey’s enthusiasm to help people for the last 13 years has driven him into trying and finding ways of educating people about all aspects of the process involved in DNA relationship testing. For that reason, Mr. Harvey wrote the book “Are you? or Are You Not the Father?.”


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