About The Author


I want to thank you for taking the timeout to visit our site yournotthefather.com. The goal of this site is to share essential information about the paternity testing process through my over 16 years of experience in the DNA Relationship Testing industry as a DNA Relationship Testing Consultant and Senior DNA Sample Collections Specialist. During this time, I was fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to partner with some of the best DNA relationship parentage laboratories. Through these partnerships, I was able to have access to Genetic Lab Directors who helped to enhance my education about all things DNA Relationship Testing.

The information shared on this site is a precursor to the detailed information shared in my book Are You? Or Are You Not The Father? The Complete Guide To The Paternity Testing Process which shares some of my personal experiences dealing with people who use paternity testing for child support, peace of mind, court-ordered paternity testing process, birth certificate name changes, in-vitro and, paternity establishment just to name a few. This book was created to help remove the fear of taking the next step to performing a paternity test the correct way.

A significant portion of my book was written in a question and answer format for the reader to access the information you need quickly easily. Also, I share the most common personality types that partake in the paternity testing process as well as stories of some of my most unique DNA testing cases with clients I have personally assisted and much more. The goal of this book is to remove your fear of performing a DNA test and educate you with all of the information you need about the paternity testing process regardless of the reason you may need to perform a DNA test. This way, you will be armed with the knowledge you need to ask the right questions to the DNA testing company of your choice or, at minimum, you will be to know if performing a DNA test is right for your situation. If you would like to get the answers, you need you can get access to my book today on Amazon by clicking this link here.