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Child Support

Misuse of Child Support Payments

Misuse of Child Support Payments Learn More Child support payments are designed to help children who need financial support from their non-custodial parent. Making sure your child gets the money they deserve is important. Parents who do not fulfill their child support payment obligations can be charged with contempt of court. You can also lose…

non biological father and child custody
Child Custody

Can A Non-Biological Father Get Custody Of A Child

Can a non-biological father get custody of a child? LEARN MORE Can a non-biological father get custody of a child? A child custody case involving a biological and non-biological parent is quite tricky as compared to a case involving both biological parents. This is because in such cases a biological parent has more power or…

the history of child support
Child Support

The History of Child Support

BUY BOOK History of Child Support Video Transcript The foundations for the modern era of child support were laid in 1975 with legislation signed by President Gerald Ford himself the child of a 1930s divorce President Ford noted that while agreeing with the legislation its intent he also had reservations stating the establishment of…