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misusing of child support money

Misuse of Child Support Payments

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Mothers spending child support on herself?

There are situations in which mothers will spend child support payments on themselves. In some cases, of course, the other parent is just going to suspect that this is the case based on circumstantial evidence or a few observations. However, there are very real instances of mothers largely spending the child support payments on themselves.

Why do some mothers believe child support payments are for them?

There are many reasons why certain mothers feel entitled to child support payments. There are some mothers who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder or some of the related personality disorders. People who have these sorts of conditions more or less feel entitled to everything that they might get from other people, and that includes money.

Even mothers who do not have documented mental health conditions can be like this. Mothers might believe that their ex-owes them money anyway, and spending the money on themselves will allow them to settle the score in their own minds.

However, there are some mothers who end up spending the child support money on themselves for somewhat more pragmatic reasons. There are mothers who will spend child support payments on themselves because they believe that if they use the money on themselves, it will make them better at earning the income that they need in order to care for their families.

Some mothers might end up spending child support payments on themselves specifically because they’re in a difficult financial situation, and they might absolutely have to use the money in order to meet their own needs. Child support in the United States and many other countries is complicated, and there are some people who more or less rely on the money as a secondary income source.