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misusing of child support money

Misuse of Child Support Payments

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Mothers spending child support on herself?

There are situations in which mothers will spend child support payments on themselves. In some cases, of course, the other parent is just going to suspect that this is the case based on circumstantial evidence or a few observations. However, there are very real instances of mothers largely spending the child support payments on themselves.

Why do some mothers believe child support payments are for them?

There are many reasons why certain mothers feel entitled to child support payments. There are some mothers who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder or some of the related personality disorders. People who have these sorts of conditions more or less feel entitled to everything that they might get from other people, and that includes money.

Even mothers who do not have documented mental health conditions can be like this. Mothers might believe that their ex-owes them money anyway, and spending the money on themselves will allow them to settle the score in their own minds.

However, there are some mothers who end up spending the child support money on themselves for somewhat more pragmatic reasons. There are mothers who will spend child support payments on themselves because they believe that if they use the money on themselves, it will make them better at earning the income that they need in order to care for their families.

Some mothers might end up spending child support payments on themselves specifically because they’re in a difficult financial situation, and they might absolutely have to use the money in order to meet their own needs. Child support in the United States and many other countries is complicated, and there are some people who more or less rely on the money as a secondary income source.



Reasons mothers spend child support on themselves?

Mothers might feel that if they are the primary caregivers, they deserve the money. They might feel that they are the ones that have actually earned it and that is why they should have the money. Feelings of entitlement are relatively common among narcissistic parents in general.

In other cases, the mothers will view the situation in a more overarching financial sense. They might feel that the child support  payments are not truly for the child, but for the child’s household. The child’s household, after all, is going to include the mother in all cases. If that is the case, the mother might feel that it is acceptable for her to use the child support payments to cover any and all household expenses, regardless of whether or not they relate to the child directly.

There is also the fact that the mother might feel that she is really spending the money on the child, even if in practice, she is spending the money on herself. In some cases, it’s easy to see how the line could be blurred. For instance, if the mother is spending money on car payments, she is technically spending the money on something that she will need for the child. After all, she will probably need the car to take the child to the doctor’s office and to school. Child support payments and the nature of child support can be complicated enough that it’s relatively easy for mothers to justify using the money creatively.

Statistics on mothers who are negligent with child support

Child Protective Services examined a sample of 3.2 million children. Of these, 686,000 children were considered neglected or abused. The mother was the primary caregiver in the majority of these households. There is really no way of knowing just how many mothers are guilty of neglect. This is a subtle form of child abuse that is difficult to measure. However, there is no doubt that it happens. According to some estimates, neglect might be the most common form of child abuse in general, particularly with regards to mothers.

Is it illegal to misuse child support payment for personal use and not your child?

The law varies from state to state and from country to country regarding child support payments. However, for the most part, the parent who is getting the child support payments does not actually have to legally account for how those payments are spent. This means that it is functionally legal for mothers to spend the child support money on themselves.

Can I request receipts for child support from the mother?

While the law does vary on this issue, for the most part, the parent who is offering the child support payments cannot request receipts related to how the child support is getting spent. Parents in this situation can petition for modification, however, giving them the opportunity to reduce the child support payments that they offer.

However, even if parents believe that the co-parent is misusing the child support payments, they still might not be able to successfully petition for modification. They will often have to go further than that. Usually, they have to prove that the child in question is the victim of abuse or neglect.

In some cases, parents might set up an agreement in advance related to a particular parent accounting for the child support expenses through the use of receipts. Violating an agreement like that can be a problem. However, this needs to be established early in the process. Unless the two parents have already set up an agreement like this, requesting receipts from the mother might be trickier.

It is possible to modify the agreement related to the child support payments legally. However, this is much more difficult, and it will usually require the consent of the mother. If the mother is truly using the child support payments unethically, she is probably not going to be receptive to something like this.

What is Child Support supposed to be used for?

Generally speaking, child support payments are supposed to be used for food, medical expenses, clothing, shelter, medication, education, and most other needs. The line starts to blur slightly when it comes to items like toys and entertainment. The fact that people generally do not have to account for how they use child support payments can make this situation less complicated in practice, even if it does open the door to the idea that some parents might use child support payments incorrectly.

Does child support cover extracurricular activities?

You might be able to get a downward deviation regarding the child support payments that you make if you are covering extracurricular activities while also making child support payments all the time and in full. This is the sort of thing that can cause the balance to tip. However, if the other parent is using the child support payments to cover extracurricular activities, that should be fine on their end. In most cases, you will not be able to reduce the number of payments you make for that reason. This does not really count as a misuse of child support payments.

Ultimately, you have to indirectly prove that a misuse of child support payments is occurring because the child has been abused or neglected. The mother is technically allowed to spend the money however she wants in most areas, as long as the child is demonstrably all right. It is technically possible to do both.