Why would a Man want to Establish the Paternity of a man with a dna test?

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The answer to this question is simple, many men do not want to pay for a child that is not biologically related to himself. We could liken this to a Lions pride. If a male Lion kills or beats another male Lion. The winner takes over the pride and kills the offspring of the defeated lion. Now, it is not quite as brutal for the most part with human relationships. But, most men, if they have not grown an attachment to the child, will more times than not. Will not want to pay for a child that is not biologically related to himself.

One of the more interesting developments that I have come across over the years are men who are considering performing a paternity test live with a particular type of fear. This kind of fear is never really spoken about out loud to others. It is a fear that contributes to a man’s ability to think rationally.

What is this fear you ask? I believe the type of fear I speak about is, the fear of questioning the mother of his alleged child’s word. Many times the mother of the child becomes irate at the fact the alleged father would question her.

It appears the simple thought of being questioned and casting a dark cloud on her character sends many mothers into a tirade.

Why this is, is another story I will address in another post. For now, it is important to understand that establishing paternity by way of DNA testing will assure the alleged father that his perceived contribution to creating life is actually related to him. Besides, DNA testing is currently the most accurate form of determining paternity.

What this also does is, allow a child the opportunity to know where he or she came from. It gives the child a sense of familial history. It also allows for the biological father to be available in the event the child becomes ill and the biological father may be the only person that can assist his child.

All of these things are denied to a child when a mother has had dealing with more than one man in close proximity of one another. Her actions could cost her child its life if she chooses another man who she knows is not the biological father for financial reasons. Now the mothers who make these decisions believe they are working in the best interest of the child. To some degree, some people believe this type of deception is necessary.  I myself believe that a child should know who he or she is related to. Otherwise, this lack of understanding one’s self could plague the child and cause more damage to the child when they grow up.

Another aspect of concern for me is, that most of the time. The child’s health is seldom mentioned by the courts when referring to the best interest of the child when it comes to finding the truth of a biological relationship between an alleged father and child. In my opinion, I believe it should be the main focus of all cases of paternity establishment.

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