How To Get A DNA Test From Someone In Prison?

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dna test while in prison

Are you unsure whether a paternity test can be established paternity while an alleged father is in prison? If you answered, yes. In this post, I will briefly explain how the paternity testing process works when an alleged father is incarcerated.

Step 1.

Contact the prison where the alleged father is incarcerated and speak with the warden regarding their policy on DNA testing. It is important to also ask the warden if a DNA sample collector can enter their facility to have the inmate’s genetic sample collected. If yes, please note there will be additional fees added to the cost of your paternity test to collect the inmate’s sample and for travel costs.

In the event, the prison does not allow DNA sample collectors on their premises. The facility normally allows a DNA test kit to be shipped directly to the prison’s nurse. 

Step. 2

The next step in performing a DNA test with an inmate you will need to acquire a court order from a Judge in order for the DNA testing company to begin the scheduling process.

Step. 3

Assuming steps 1 and 2 have been completed. The DNA testing company of your choice should schedule the child’s DNA sample collection appointment first and ship it to the laboatory.

Step 4. 

After the child’s samples have been collected. The DNA testing company should coordinate with the prison on the best day and time a DNA sample collector can visit an alleged biological father to collect his genetic sample. 

If the warden does not allow genetic testing samples to be collected on the prison’s premises. As stated earlier it kit will be shipped out to the prison and the nurse onsite will be responsible for collecting the samples and for shipping them back to the lab.

Step 5.

Once all samples have been collected and shipped back to the lab. The average turnaround time for results to be completed in 1 to 3 working days from the date on which the lab receives all samples.

Can a home paternity test kit be used to establish the paternity of an alleged biological father?

No. Unfortunately, In order for DNA samples to be collected on an inmate. A legal chain of custody must be established in order for a Judge to consider your evidence as admissible. If you would like to schedule an appointment or ask questions regarding this process please visit IDTO DNA Paternity Testing Center here.