How to know if a baby is yours?


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How to know if a baby is yours? (6 Ways To Determine Paternity)

There are several ways an alleged father can determine whether a child is his biological offspring or not. Some of the ideas shared are cultural beliefs that have proven to be very true when science becomes involved. Below are is a list of ways an alleged father can determine paternity.

1. Eye color Inheritance:

It is important to understand that eye color inheritance in science is called the polygenic inheritance pattern. What this basically means is, that eye color is determined by more than one gene. The eye colors range from light blue to black.

When it comes to determining paternity using eye color. This method can be used as a useful tool in some respects. For example, there are recessive and dominant genes. Scientists state that recessive genes can not create a dominant gene (eye color) but, dominant genes can create recessive genes (eye color).

Ex. If an alleged father and mother both have blue eyes and the baby is born with dark brown eyes. The odds are the child may not be the alleged father’s child.

Ex. If both parents have brown eyes and the child is born with green eyes. This does not mean the alleged father is not the biological father. As I stated earlier dominant genes (eye color) can create another dominant gene or a recessive gene.

2. Blood Typing

Blood typing is another way some people attempt to determine paternity. Just like eye color, blood has the same principles. For example, the dominant blood types are A,B, and AB. The recessive blood type is O. Now the dominant blood types can create themselves but not another dominant blood type.

Ex. If both parents are A blood types, they will not be able to produce a B dominant blood type. This also works in reverse.

Ex. If both parents have are B blood types they could create B blood type child or an O blood type child. Please keep in mind that O is recessive therefore O blood types can only create themselves.

So, if an alleged father wanted to use this method to determine paternity he only be able to exclude himself as the biological father if the child has another dominant blood type that differs from his own. For example, if the father is an A blood type and the mother is an O blood type and the child is born with B blood. There is no way the alleged father could be the biological father of the child.

Now if the mother slept with two men that have the same blood type there is no way you can use blood typing alone to determine paternity.

3. Paternity Testing

Performing a DNA Paternity test is by far the most effective and accurate method of determining a biological relationship between an alleged father and child. This method is also the simplest method. All you have to do is contact a reputable company like IDTO DNA Testing Services and they can assist you with easy appointment set-ups.

If you are on the fence about this method and you have questions about your specific situation you may want to read my new book “Are You? Or, Are Your Not The Father? The Complete Question and Answer Guide to the Paternity Testing Process and Relationships”. I answer the most pressing questions people across the country and around the world want to know about the process that DNA Companies neglect to share with you and more.

Here are some cultural beliefs that people use to at least question paternity.

4. The color of the newborn’s skin tone. Although, this method is often used I suggest allowing the child to mature for a year or two to see if the baby’s hue changes.

5. Analyzing a child’s facial features and eating habits

6. Analyzing how the child walks.

These are just some of the most popular beliefs people have when trying to assess paternity without a DNA test.