Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement v Birth Certificate: The Difference

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Paternity Acknowledgment vs Birth Certificate Differences

Many people often ask me about signing a birth certificate at the hospital. When I am faced with this question. I respond by explaining that you do not sign a birth certificate at the hospital. What you are signing is an acknowledgment of Paternity form.

Once an alleged father and mother sign Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement (VAP) form. The paperwork is processed and sent to Vital Records where the alleged father’s name is added to the birth certificate. It is important that I mention, the process I am describing pertains to out of wedlock couples who conceived a child.

When it comes to married couples state law automatically deems the husband the legal father of the child. Therefore, he does not have to go through the process of establishing paternity like an unmarried alleged father. The husband’s name will appear on the birth certificate automatically.

Where do I get a copy of Paternity Acknowledgement form?

A Paternity Acknowledgement can be acquired from Social Services/Child Support Services, At the hospital during the birth of your child or at Vital Records in some states.

Can I sign a birth certificate before completing the acknowledgment of paternity form?

No. As I understand the process. Parents, in particular,  alleged fathers must complete and sign the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity first according to your state provision in order for your name to appear on the birth certificate.

When a child is born, should I sign a VAP form at the hospital?

If for any reason you are in question about paternity. It would be in your best interest not to sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form. I suggest you consult with a family law attorney in your state for better clarity about your state laws regarding paternity acknowledgment.

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