Probability of paternity

probablity of paternity

Probability of paternity 99.99% means

The term Probability of Paternity 99.99% refers to the conclusion of a DNA paternity test result. DNA result conclusion is located at the bottom of the result. The question is, What does this actually mean? If your results state the probability of paternity and, have a range of between 99% – 99.9999% means the alleged father is more than likely the biological father of the child. In my experience, DNA testing companies do not give percentages lower than 99% state-approved accepted average. It is important to note, that when performing a DNA test that you may want to inquire about how many times does the lab of choice tests its samples. In my professional opinion, the labs I worked with tested samples  2x for accuracy.

Not excluded means DNA test

The statement “is excluded as the biological father on a paternity test” basically means that the tested alleged father is not the biological father. If your DNA test result states the alleged father is excluded. Before the lab releases the conclusion of the result. The DNA samples will be tested again for accuracy. Unfortunately, it does mean that the release of your result will be prolonged normally by 2-3 days.

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